Where to buy that does not allow Vacation Rentals

If you are a buyer looking to buy a home in one of the beach or marina communities of Oxnard the game has changed in the past few years.  With more and more second home owners wanting to suppliment their house payments, many of the homes  in the beach and marina neighborhoods  have been turned into vacation rentals.  With all of our beach communities, including Silverstrand, Hollywood Beach, Hollywood by the Sea, Oxnard Shores and Mandalay Bay, allowing vacation rentals is there any place you can buy that offers the beauty, and enjoyment these neighborhoods offer without the disruption of a vacation rental?  The answer is yes:  Seabridge and Westport!  These master planned communities are an extension of Mandalay Bay where approximately 15 years ago, the canals were dredged out and the harbor was extended to develope both neighborhoods.  Governed by CC and R's and Rules and Regulations, both of these communities prohibit vacation rentals allowing for peace, and tranquility to the residents that reside here.  I am not saying that living next door to a vacation rental is terrible, but I do think that you need to know your options!  Most condominium associations also restrict short term rentals to nothing less than 30 days.  Watch our web site for listing in all of the neighborhoods including those that allow vacation rentals and those that don't!

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