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Navigating Mello-Roos/CFD 3 and 4 Bonds in Oxnard's Seabridge Community:

A Comprehensive Guide Introduction:Embarking on a real estate journey within Oxnard's Seabridge community involves understanding the nuances of Mello-Roos/CFD 3 and 4 Bonds. This comprehensive guide aims to illuminate the complexities, shedding light on their impact and the unique features of Seabridge's Community Facilities Districts.

Section 1: Unveiling Seabridge CFD No. 3 (Seabridge at Mandalay Bay) Established in 2004, Seabridge CFD No. 3 serves as a financial backbone for public facility development within the Seabridge development. This bonded district, with a final maturity of 9/1/2035, encompasses a diverse range of improvements, including waterways, streets, sanitary sewer and water facilities, storm drains, landscaping, public boat docks, parks, and more. Collaboration with the City and Oxnard School District further enhances community infrastructure.

Section 2:Tennis Courts and Beyond In addition to its broader scope, Seabridge CFD No. 3 oversees the maintenance of tennis courts behind Vons. For detailed inquiries or prepayment options, residents can contact the Special Districts Division at (805) 385-7578 or [email protected].

Section 3: Spotlight on Seabridge CFD No. 4 Simultaneously, Seabridge CFD No. 4, established in 2004, focuses on funding public services throughout Seabridge. This non-bonded district operates as an ongoing assessment without expiration, covering essential services like police protection, code enforcement for waterways, maintenance of parks, parkways, open space, channels, flood and storm protection facilities, public boat docks, dredging, and remediation costs.

Conclusion: Understanding the intricacies of Mello-Roos/CFD 3 and 4 Bonds within Seabridge is key to making informed real estate decisions. From the expansive scope of CFD No. 3 to the ongoing services covered by CFD No. 4, residents and potential buyers can navigate the complexities with confidence. For a community that combines waterfront living with well-funded infrastructure, Seabridge in Oxnard stands as a unique and thriving locale. Stay informed and empowered as you explore the distinctive features of Seabridge's Community Facilities Districts.

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